HSE Policy

SYNCNETIC is committed to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all staffs and to protect the communities and environment in which we live and work. It is our policy to seek and prevent all accidents and incidents and provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities.

To achieve this, SYNCNETIC will identify, assess and manage the health, safety and environmental risks and impacts of our existing and   planned   operations   where   we   will   conduct   our   business   in   a   manner   that   provides   the   highest practicable standards of health and safety for our workforce and protection of the environment. Whenever our business activities expose the safety of people or the environment to unacceptable levels of risk then these activities will cease until the risk has been mitigated. Our employees and contractors are empowered to refrain from actions that they consider a threat to health and safety.

Appropriate training will be provided for our employees and contractors to enable them to carry out their work in a safe manner. All employees and contractors are required to act responsibly with the aim of stopping hazardous acts and omissions and preventing injury to themselves or others or unplanned discharges to the environment. Ensure that our health and safety goals and standards are understood and followed at all levels within the Company, relevant legal requirements and industry standards adopted by our Company, whichever is higher must be fully complied with.

When working on our behalf, contractors, suppliers and partners should apply standards of safety, health and environmental management which are consistent with our policy. Conflicts between health, safety and environmental management and business decisions shall be eliminated or minimized. The work place should be a healthy one, and should preclude any unacceptable health risk to personnel.

No unacceptable   long   term   environmental   liabilities should   be incurred as   a   result   of current business activities, new activities or acquisitions. Periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of this policy, our management systems, targets and objectives.

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